Hi, I’m Alona,
I’m a culinary writer from Ukraine.

Please download my cookbook “UKRAINIAN HOME COOKING. Favorite recipes seasoned with love” in English FOR FREE and consider making a donation for HELP UKRAINIAN PEOPLE It could be as little as $3, $5, $10.

Now every Ukrainian around the world is trying to do everything they can to save their country of Ukraine. Please don’t leave us alone with this tragedy. This war that Russia unleashed against the Ukrainian people.

Please don’t forget that we are just like you, our homes are just like yours. They hold the same memories, cats, dogs, the apple tree our grandfathers planted, pictures of our great-grandmothers.

About the Ukrainian Cookbook

I collected recipes from all over Ukraine, studied century-old books. I feel proud and happy to have written it. People loved it, the cookbook became a BESTSELLER in Ukraine, was reprinted several times and sold more than 100,000 copies. Now I have translated it into English, and I want to share a piece of my huge Ukrainian heart with the world. There are more than 130 Ukrainian recipes with beautiful photos. I am so glad that KSD Publishing gave me the opportunity to write this book about Ukrainian cuisine.

How much is the book worth?

You can download the book for free. Please consider making a donation. Help us save our people, our children, and our homes. This could be the price you usually pay when you buy a book. It could be as little as $3, $5, $10.

Where to send money?

This is the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation. Before the war, he was a Ukrainian actor, comedian, and presenter. You’ve probably already heard the story about his Foundation and how people raised $20 million in 3 days for 4 Bayraktars. You can definitely trust him, as the whole of Ukraine does!

Thank you for helping Ukrainian people!

Please, if you have the opportunity, share it with your family and friends!

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