Welcome to Bible of taste!

My name is Alena. I created this blog to share delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I hope that the recipes here give you lots of ideas and inspiration to cook every day and love it!

All photos and recipes on the site are mine!

About Alena Bogdanova

Alena Bogdanova is a recipe developer, food photographer and author of 7 cookbooks that are sold in Ukraine.

In 2015, Alena received the first proposal to write a book about Ukrainian cuisine from a publishing house “Family Leisure Club”. Together with the publishing house, she published seven books.

Alena cooks, photographs and writes in her apartment in eastern Ukraine. Her husband John tastes all the dishes and their ginger cat controls absolutely everything!
Alena is currently working on a new book, there will be recipes for the best breakfasts from all around the world. It will be released in English.

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